HTML? E-Commerce? What is all this weird code?

Your business and all of its content need an online home to reside in, 24/7. If built and run properly, your website not only provides an important aesthetic, but can truly work for you in a multitude of ways. SEO can be built into its fabric to ensure potential clients are finding you. Online sales platforms can be established so your services/goods can be purchased any time, day or night. Information can be collected on prospective customers when they reach out to contact you. Email campaigns can be routed to your website so sales can be converted. All of this requires so much more than picking page templates and we can take care of it all. Dependent on your needs, goals and budget, we can create something from scratch, renovate or upgrade. Your website should be working for you and enhancing your business, not a cause of stress. We can help!

More then a bench ad or a section in the newspaper

We specialize in digital advertising via Facebook and Google. We design, customize, get approval, run, tweak and everything in between. What can be painstakingly time consuming is taken right off of your plate!

Distinct features of both platforms?

Google ads run on search terms and point a customer already seeking your related services, directly to you.

Facebook brings customers to you. It is the number one advertising platform on the internet, with its 2018 revenue coming in at just under $34 billion. Approximately 25% of the entire planet, logs on to Facebook monthly and you can run ads for as little as $5/day.

..the advertising world is changing…

Print, radio, television commercials and other traditional methods pale in comparison to what is happening online. According to Statista, The Statistics Portal, “internet in Canada continues to hold the largest share of advertising revenues as of 2015, 9.8 percent larger than the TV segment, which generated 26.6 percent of revenues in said period.” Furthermore, potential for positive ROI with online advertising continues to grow. Bonus? Analytics. Sending a sale out into the universe and having no way to measure whose hands or ears it hits is expensive and risky. When you run a promotion digitally, its success/failure and reasons for both can be tracked with detail. Digital ads can be run at specific times, with particular geotargeting, a select audience and so much more.

..and you thought school was done!

Not interested in outsourcing because you already have a marketing department in house? Eager to advance people established within your business to become digital marketing experts for you? We can teach them how.

We combined our knowledge and ongoing experience providing these services for our own clients, to develop comprehensive yet straightforward coursework and testing. Diving in without guidance can be overwhelming and frustrating, not to mention the dollars that can be lost along the way. We’ll teach your team how to navigate the systems so your business can fully utilize and ultimately benefit from the power of digital advertising.

Our education includes manuals for each of the following subjects:

Facebook, Facebook Advanced
Google, Google Advanced
Advanced Analytics

Coursework can be downloaded digitally to learn at your own pace or be taught privately, in office. Personal coaching can be provided condensed during a short period of time or spread over weeks and months. No client is the same and we will work with your schedule to design a plan that best suits your needs.


Keep in contact with your clients!

We design and implement automatic email responses, email campaigns and basic email templates for your business. Get the most out of your customer database and explore the opportunities of email marketing! At its core, connecting through email allows you to keep past, present and future clients, in the know. Check in with business updates, seasonal promotions, entice with coupons, reward loyalty with discounts, say thank you, celebrate birthdays; the options are limitless. One thing is tried, tested and true since the dawn of online advertising – appearing in your clients inbox throughout the full sale cycle, keeps you top of mind.

We are licensed distributors of the CRM service, Silent Salesman. Properly managing the relationship clients have with your brand is the strongest way to retain their business. However, to give them what they need, understanding your customers comes first and foremost!