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Facebook Beginner - Facebook is the #1 advertising (NOT social) platform on the internet! With approximately 2.27 billion users logging on monthly - you will not find a better stage to get your business in front of the masses. Why isn’t everyone marketing on Facebook? Well, it can be a little intense to delve into with some frustrating roadblocks along the way...let us help you navigate through that! With this intro course you’ll learn the basics about how the platform’s language works, how to properly format to get the most bang for your buck and get step by step guidance on creating and publishing your Ad! Let’s get you comfortable and rolling with the most potentially powerful move for your business yet!
Facebook Advanced - You crushed our intro training and have got the foundation down to launch some awesome advertising offensives for you and/or your clients. Time to take it to the next level! Become a master of the Facebook Pixel, running multiple Ad accounts simultaneously and honing in on what form of media best suits each individual campaign. You’re now ready to develop a spidey sense for what the Facebook Police will kaibosh and how to get extra picky with geotargeting. There’s always room for improvement and with continuing your education, you and your clients will undoubtedly reap the benefits!
Google AdWords Beginner - Google sees incredible action, running roughly 60,000 searches every second! Different from Facebook, Google visitors are already on the hunt, actively searching for solutions to their problems. We’ll teach you how to make it as easy as possible for those searches to lead to YOU. You’ll discover the intrinsic value of CPCs, CTRs, keywords and content. Then, tackle the different networks (search and display) and how they vary. Learn why it’s important for your business to be advertising on Google (even when you’re already crushing it on Facebook) and how to allocate your Ad spend a little more modestly. Think you can’t compete with the big fish with millions of dollars at their marketing disposal? This course says - think again!
Google AdWords Advanced You’re good with the abc’s of AdWords and now it is time to expand on the your bread and butter - KEYWORDS. This education will guide you on how to strengthen the quality of your written reviews, your website’s written content and subsequently improve how these elements connect to your organic search results. Digital Advertising is evolving every day and the more you know, the better you can steer you and your clients through, successfully! With the great Instagram and Facebook crash of 2019 we learned something HUGE - having all of your advertising eggs in one basket is no bueno. Let’s divide and conquer all platforms!